Thinking of buying a Wedding or Prom Gown online?

Don't take that Risk!

Why not?

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On many occasions we have listened to the devastating results of "Online Dress Purchases Gone Bad".

A Wedding or Prom gown is not like a cute blouse or purse you purchased online at a great deal.
Did you take pictures of that purse and share them with your family and friends forever? Did that blouse have everybody talking for hours on how it looked on you or how your face just sparkled?

These are the most important days of your life to be shared with all the people you know and love. Your Wedding or Prom Gown is an expression of you; it is who you are and how you feel. In the perfect gown, there is the moment that you can say "I look good and I know it".

Please be aware that purchasing gowns on the Internet through a non-authorized retailer IS NEVER recommended. By doing so, you will be receiving a counterfeit gown of much lesser quality that looks nothing like the original gown. Please do not let this happen to you!

While we understand that in today's difficult economic times, finding the "best deal" is important, we also know that compromising quality and service to save a few dollars can result in a dress disaster, that will ultimately end up costing you more in the end.  All the gowns we sell are authentic designer originals and are all constructed from quality fabrics and materials.  Accordingly, they should therefore have consistent pricing across all authorized retailers.  Finding a website offering one of our gowns, or any gown offered by another “brick and mortar” store at a price substantially lower than the in-store price, can likely result in receiving a counterfeit gown of much lesser quality, or possibly not receiving anything at all! 

Rainbow’s End Weddings & More is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. We pride ourselves in our commitment to provide you with excellent quality gowns for your special day. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to shop locally for your wedding and prom attire to ensure that a trained bridal stylist treats you with the care and knowledgeable service you deserve! 

Help us spread the word! We encourage you to share this information with all of your friends and report sites that are selling counterfeit gowns to our Facebook page.


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