• A $20 minimum down payment is required to order your tuxedo, and payment in full must be made before the tuxedo is taken from the store. (If you choose to make your final payment the same day you pick up your tuxedo, then cash or credit card only will be accepted.) 

• Note: It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you are measured by a professional who specializes in TUXEDO MEASUREMENTS. Your regular coat size may not necessarily be your tuxedo size; therefore, it is very important that you visit a REPUTABLE tuxedo shop or bridal store that rents tuxedos. This will help ensure that you are ordering the proper sizes. 

• If the bride & groom have given you a specific deadline to order your tuxedo, please abide by their request. For other orders, we request at least two weeks advance notice for all individual orders and children's orders and four weeks for wedding parties. For events in April, May or June, we prefer a minimum eight weeks notice. This lead time ensures that the style chosen will be available in all of the sizes needed for the entire party. We can, however, take care of last minute orders as late as the week before your event, based on availability. 

• All orders are delivered to our store a few days prior to the event date. It will be your responsibility to make arrangements to try on your tuxedo as soon as possible after it arrives to ensure that everything fits properly. This will allow us ample time to correct any problems in the unlikely event that one does arise. 

• All tuxedos are due back to our store on the first business day following your event, before we close. A minimum $20 daily late fee is assessed to tuxedos not returned by the due date. 

• Cancellations are permitted up to two weeks prior to the event. A $20 service fee is required (deducted from the down payment). There will be NO REFUND for any canceled tux within one week of the event. If a cancellation is not placed in time, the balance on the tuxedo must be paid for in full. 

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